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Kate Moretti
Kate Moretti
Occupation Special Agent for the FBI
First Appearance Pilot
Actor Rachael Leigh Cook

Katherine "Kate" Rose Moretti (Rachael Leigh Cook), a Special Agent working with the FBI and Daniel Pierce’s former student who asks him to consult on certain cases. Unlike her colleagues, Kate is willing to look past Daniel's peculiarities. She used to have a crush on Daniel when she was in college.


Not much is known about Kate's early life. It was revealed by her in Season 2, Episode 10, Warrior that her mother died when she was aged 7. In response to this, her Aunt Clara offered to take her in due to her father, Joe Moretti, who was a Police Officer himself for Chicago PD at the time, working homicide cases for extended hours.

Her father however refused her Aunt's offer and he continued to take care of her himself. In order to manage taking care of Kate, the school-bus dropped Kate of at the Precinct rather the home and she did her homework there instead. Whilst she was at the precinct, Kate was allowed to watch live interrogations of suspects.

She was married to Donald (Donnie).


Kate is an extremely strong willed person, determined to always do what she see's as right. She's also rather stubborn, unwilling to let something go if she see's there is still something wrong. She also has a tendency to go "beyond the assigned scope of her investigations" and because of this, she was actually demoted and had to leave the Washington branch of the FBI and return to her former position back in Chicago.

Kate is shown to take her job very seriously, staying extremely late at the Bureau to work on cases. This had the negative effect on putting some strain on her marriage, and this caused, in part, her marriage to break down. She was shown to love her job very much however as she stated in S2, Ep10 that if she wasn't a cop, she didn't know who she was.

Kate is also been proven to be very forgiving, such as when she was willing to try again with Donnie despite him having an affair with her best friend, which was one of the two reasons why her marriage failed. She was also willing to admit to her flaws, when she recognised that it was partially due to her constantly staying behind late at work that caused Donnie to drunkenly sleep with another woman.