Roger Probert
Occupation FBI agent (Partner of Kate Moretti)
First Appearance Pilot
Actor Johnathan Scarfe

 Kate's FBI partner; he is very cynical of Pierce's judgements.

Relationships with other characters Edit

Kate Moretti Edit

Whilst they generally worked well together, Kate tended to get irritated with him if he was rude toward Pierce.

It is implied that he may have had a crush on Kate when during the episode Light, when he said to her "I know you care about Pierce, but I care about you. And sometimes I wonder its not only Pierce who needs a mental health day." He then proceeded to suggest to her "Let's knock off. Get a couple of beers and some burgers."

Dr. Daniel Pierce Edit

Probert and Daniel never appeared to get on throughout the time they worked together. Probert was often sceptical of Daniel's theories, and at times made jokes about them, such as when Daniel said they needed to get a letter to a newspaper, he suggested "Why don't we bring it over there in a horse and buggy."